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High-quality actuators from Gruner, from classic to customised

The friendly alternative

Since 1954, actuators have been an important part of the company’s product range. Here too, Gruner has succeeded in creating a perfect portfolio that is continually winning new market segments. All models thus represent a combination of cost efficiency and the highest possible flexibility in building management. From classic to volumetric flow control, from quick running actuators to spindle drives, there is a product to suit every single requirement. Consistently oriented toward the customer, Gruner also provides a series of OEM-specific rotary and linear actuator models. Made to measure – and always “competent, flexible and friendly”.

Typical applications include the switching and actuating of dampers and valves, air mixing boxes, roller blind dampers, smoke dampers, exhaust dampers and also engine valves. Here, all the actuators conform to DIN VDE standards and CE guidelines. UL designs can also be supplied. In general, actuators from Gruner contain motors (BDC, BLDC) so they can be safely switched off in case of overload, and they can also be optionally equipped with synchronous or step motors. With regard to actuation, supply, options and accessories, too, Gruner provides the greatest possible freedom of choice. The company also develops the complete mechatronics (mechanism, switching technology, software) in-house.