For tailormade safety 

The new performers: reliable, user-friendly and flexible

 The new actuators of the 300 series cover the most diverse requirements. The enhanced portfolio contains the right products to suit different torques, in all the usual damper sizes.

BLDC technology

As always with Gruner, reliable quality and highly-developed technology are of course part of the package. Whether for 24, 120 or 240 V AC/DC, the optimised design of the actuators guarantees at least 60,000 cycles for springs and motors. Less mechanical components mean that the integrated BLDC technology (brushless direct current) reduces wear. And steel components give all critical parts the required safety – which means that the torque remains preserved even at high temperatures. By the way – in continuous operation, all actuators in the 300 series can reliably withstand ambient temperatures of up to 80°C.

Simple to mount

Since the distances are always the same, actuators of the 300 series from Gruner are especially simple to mount. The hinged connection for smoke detectors enables individual OEM packaging. Duct mounting is just as user-friendly: thanks to optimised accessibility, the thermal trip device can be easily exchanged after unintentional activation.

For all highlights, options, authorisations, performance data and details, please refer to our brochure “Product overview fire and smoke extraction damer actuators”.