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Gruner: Facts and figures.


Chief Executive Officers:
Dr. Wolfgang Spreitzer, Patrick Spreitzer, Martin Spreitzer

> 1,200 worldwide


  • Headquartered in Wehingen, Germany
  • Assembly plants in Serbia, Tunisia and India
  • Worldwide distribution via qualified agencies
  • 60 % export share of overall sales


  • ISO 9001 / IATF 16949
  • EMAS III und ISO 14001

Product range

  • Relays, primarily for energy management and automotive
  • Customised solenoids for security, automotive and mechatronics industries
  • Actuators (incl. VAV and LON) for building management


  • World market leader for polarised latching relays.
  • Adherence to criteria of all customary international standards
  • 5 decades of experience
  • Unique, highly-specialised know-how in all sectors.
  • Many years of experience with simultaneous engineering
  • In-house R+D, 3D design, tool construction, testing technology.
  • High vertical integration.