When strategy and technology enhance each other flexibly… 

Gruner has the focus, the brief and the technologies.
Alongside its flexibility, Gruner also has a clear strategic orientation.

Leading products and solutions for the most diverse target sectors are bundled together under the claim “Innovative Switching and Actuating”. A large number of users benefit here from the superior design principles and the decades-long expertise of an acclaimed specialist. Whether it’s HVAC, automotive, smart metering or building management plus fire prevention, Gruner always solves individual challenges with customised modifications and adaptations.

Vertical integration is key.

Superior design principles, a high degree of vertical integration: punching, annealing, injection moulding, winding, assembling and testing all take place at Gruner in one uniform process – quickly, reliably, and cost-optimised. The best prerequisites for flexibility down to the smallest detail already exist – thanks to vertical integration. Gruner realizes all quality-relevant production stages at its headquarters in Wehingen, Germany. To ensure that the especially high-quality standards are always retained, many of the machines, systems and testing devices used are modified or developed by the company’s own tool-making shop. This approach is enhanced and rounded off from the very start by permanent investments in the very latest production and quality-assurance technologies, as well as by simultaneous engineering. In many application sectors, this has made Gruner the world market leader.