When the tried and tested remains versatile... 

Gruner past and present.

The figures speak for themselves. Ever since the firm was founded in Wehingen in 1953 by Wolfgang Gruner, it has successfully reached a peak position in fiercely competitive markets. An assembly plant in Tunisia was built as long ago as 1977, and the year 1982 marked the start of a new era. When Eduard Spreitzer joined the company the product range was realigned and streamlined. The company’s unique know-how with regard to relays, solenoids and actuators again became the basis for successful penetration of promising market niches.

In 1985 the first latching relay was presented, in 1996 the company was certified to ISO 9001 and, ten years later, to ISO/TS 16949. Parallel to this, a subsidiary was founded in Serbia. Milestones at this stage included rollout of the battery disconnect relay 750H, as well as the development of a volumetric flow sensor for actuators which was awarded an important innovation prize. In 2009 Gruner’s third overseas plant began operations in India. Today the company has around 1,200 employees worldwide. The course is therefore set for further growth – through sustainably high investments in technologies, buildings and employees. Following customers and markets both technologically and geographically remains an important objective, now and in the future.