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Leading relay solutions from Gruner.


With their superior characteristics and shared design principle, the relays of the 700 series cover a wide variety of energy management functions, such as load management, tariff-switching, disconnect-and-reconnect applications, prepayment and automotive battery management. The relays of the 800 series are avialble in monostable versions optionally.

High switching performance with minimal energy consumption

  • current only required for the switching process itself
  • only a fraction of the consumption of a monostable relay
  • no alteration in switching position during power failure

High switching capacity with optimal durability

  • no spontaneous heating of the coil
  • high dielectric strength
  • high overload and short circuit capacity complying with international standards

High reliability combined with a minimum of mechanical components

  • high switching reliability via absolutely safe attainment of limit switching point thanks to optimised switching mechanism
  • high contact force combined with low operating power
  • shockproof and vibration-proof switching via H-armature

Exceptionally broad range of switching capacities

  • 8-200 A / 250 VAC
  • 30-250 A / 12 - 48 VDC
  • conforms to safety norms and standards worldwide