Gruner Gets Things Rolling 

Automotive applications

A highlight of the Gruner product range is customised applications for the automotive industry. Safety, reliability, size, weight, lifetime quality, time-to-market, flexible delivery quantities and availability are all requirements that need to be met.

Apart from the numerous proven automotive solenoid components with various functions that Gruner manufactures every day, we are already working for the future in automotive applications. The challenge posed by the increasing number of consumers and growing share of electro-mechanics is necessitating more and more solenoids in the automobile with ever-new functions that need to meet constantly decreasing space and weight requirements. We are already involved in this promising dynamic market, for which we are preparing ourselves systematically in research and development.

Rapid Development
Thanks to the development strength of our company, new designs and products are very rapidly developed - thus enabling us to reliably keep to narrow time-to-market terms. The latest CAD workstations and our own generously equipped test lab with its life-time test rigs help to meet the superior quality requirements of our customers in the automotive industry.

Rapid Prototyping
Long years of experience in simultaneous engineering and our own prototype assembly are as much a part of Gruner as efficient production. Reliable Production Perfect quality control and vertical integration, combined with flexible delivery quantities and sophisticated logistics make Gruner solenoids a system product with a high availability that our customers can always rely on - even for large series.

The Gruner Automotive Input:

  • Solenoid solutions for Touchpads (haptic feedback)
  • Engine management
  • Gear control
  • Steering control
  • Braking system
  • Driving stability system
  • Driver authorization system
  • Light system
  • Locking system
  • Audio system
  • Comfort systems
  • Energy management