When demand-conformant know-how is required... 

Customised solenoids developed by Gruner.
Customised Solenoid Solutions.


Solenoids by Gruner are way ahead of the rest. Developed to fit specific customer requirements, they fulfil the complex requirements placed on them by demanding users. In short, wherever actuating solenoids are used to realize linear push or pull actions, solid and specialised know-how becomes a decisive advantage. Positioning, holding, diverting. Ejecting or locking. All that and more is provided by products from Gruner.

The company’s portfolio of monostable and latching solenoids is correspondingly broad and varied. In addition to lifting solenoids, thrust solenoids, holding solenoids and hinged-armature solenoids there are all kinds of other designs. Since the requirements of target sectors – automotive, HVAC and security technology – differ in their details, a special focus is naturally placed on developing customised solutions. The product range thus spans such seemingly different technological sectors as engine management and gear control, hot-water and industrial-water control, access-authorization and card-reading systems, and also magnet solutions for touchscreens with haptical feedback. Gruner keeps on enriching its solutions all the time by means of custom-built developments.