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Gruner has developed customised electromagnets for over 50 years. Because of its simple structure, the electromagnet is a low-cost actuator for the most diverse customer requirements.

Electromagnets are used for functions such as positioning, ejecting, bolting, transferring, clamping, locking and gripping.

In the automotive sector, in the ambient temperature range from -40 °C to +105 °C, Gruner electromagnets have a positive influence on safety, the environment, comfort and also ease of use. In car interiors, Gruner solenoids switch and actuate silently inside gear selector levers and vehicle authorization systems.

Electromagnets are suited to all these functions, but have to be specially adapted to suit the required custom application.

Gruner AG places a special focus on DC solenoids and holding solenoids. For an additional charge, integrated permanent magnets realise currentless holding of the hinged armature and currentless holding of a customer’s load. Solenoid actuators can be added for pulling applications or, for an additional charge, for pressing applications.