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Gruner actuators provide you with more latitude for accomplishing new technological solutions. With Gruner actuators, you can extend your range of potential applications, save costs and improve operational reliability.

Improved reliabilityFire protection dampers in hotels

Hotels frequently fall victim to fires that can break out in kitchens, saunas or reception rooms. A danger to life tends to be posed more frequently by toxic smoke than by the actual fire. In the event of a fire, the highest priority therefore needs to be the containment of toxic gases, smoke and flames.

The fire protection and smoke protection dampers in the ventilation systems must be able to function perfectly, even under extremely arduous conditions.

MinimalismFor greater safety

Gruner developed its fire protection damper actuator to a minimalism design, a unit capable of functioning reliably and rapidly in serious situations. In this design, the development team at Gruner scaled down the componentry required and focused on using wear-resistant parts. This extends service life and improves functional reliability.

Steel componentsFor temperatures above 90 degrees

All the major parts in these actuators are made of steel, making them able to cope with temperatures above 120 degrees – even over extended periods. A temperature switch with LEDs clearly shows the status of the damper and makes troubleshooting and maintenance easier.

Flap in 35 secondsVery robust actuators

The actuators developed by Gruner can close dampers in just 35 seconds and can be controlled by building management control systems. The entire system can be linked up by Modbus to assure central monitoring and reporting in the event of a fire.

Individually adaptedActuators in operation

In a hotel at the main railway station in Munich, 400 fire protection dampers made by geba Bartholomäus GmbH and specially adapted actuators from Gruner were installed. The actuators for fire protection and smoke protection can be supplied as spring return actuators (series 340 and 360) and as smoke protection actuators (series 342 and 362).

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Super-fast running actuatorsSafety and fast protection

Gruner super-fast running actuators deliver operational reliability in tough environments: they can help to control volume flows in laboratories, cleanrooms and fume hoods.

Ideal for extractor fansSafety and reliable communication in critical situations

Whenever it gets critical, the actuator needs to respond quickly and safely. For this, short closing times are essential. However, preventive maintenance and the ability to communicate when power supply is interrupted are other important factors.

Faster than fast5 seconds and less

The Gruner range of super-fast running actuators offers response times of 5 seconds and less. With the optional serial interface, very precise positioning is possible.

New developmentsEnergy-efficient and safe

The super-fast running actuators developed by Gruner are energy-efficient and safe. They provide information on preventive maintenance and can maintain communication links for up to 2 minutes when there is an interruption in the power supply.

Also with fail-safeThe super-fast running actuators

The Gruner 328CS and 328QS super-fast running actuators with fail-safe can adapt immediately to suit changed conditions and can reliably control even high air speeds. For applications that also involve positioning during interruptions in the power supply, a specialist type 328QS with fail-safe can be supplied.

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ActuatorsFor fire protection and smoke protection

Gruner actuators for fire protection and smoke protection function under extreme conditions and cover a wide range of torques.

Two typesA range for Europe

With smoke protection actuators 342 and 362 as well as spring return actuators 340 and 360, Gruner offers two types of actuators that are able to cover all torque requirements for fire protection and smoke protection in Europe completely.

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Gruner actuators for all fields of application

Whether damper actuators, volume flow controllers and pressure regulators, super-fast running actuators, actuators for fire protection and smoke protection dampers or actuators to control central and remote ventilation systems and for particularly noise-sensitive environments – from Gruner you will always get a solution that meets your needs.

Your OEM partner

Economical and flexible

Gruner solutions: leading technology with individual benefits. Specifically our new HVAC controllers in the 327 range enable OEM partners to achieve reduced inventory with maximum functional diversity. You can achieve further synergies that help you to advance by integrating Gruner actuator parameter settings in your production operations.

Great development expertise

At Gruner, innovative solutions are created in our in-house development department. The full range of mechatronic components – mechanical componentry, switchgear technology, software – for our actuators is created in-house.

High degree of vertical integration

We also have full autonomy over the production and assembly of our actuators. For this, we link many years of experience and innovative powers with stringent quality requirements.

Quality solutions

Whether you choose to access our standard range or are seeking a made-to-measure solution for your application – you have come to the right place by turning to Gruner. All Gruner actuators comply with DIN-VDE standards and CE directives. UL-certified types are also available..

Just ask us!

Are you looking for an actuator that can provide a reliable service life of 100,000 full cycles, and up to 1,500,000 partial cycles? If so, then you are sure to find the right one in our product range. Are you looking for an individual solution? Then send us an e-mail.


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