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Gruner solenoid product range

Broad portfolioBespoke solutions

We have a great deal of experience in the solenoids business and we are pleased to make this available to you. Since the requirements for solenoids are based on the application involved, our focus is on customer-specific development and/or adaptation. For example, in the automotive sector, our solenoids are used for drive authorisation, in the gear selector levers, in automatic functions or in touch-based applications. They are also used for access control, prepayment applications for gas meters or in water boilers. Our solenoids are also used in control valves for medical technology.

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Our product portfolioFor your requirements

Gruner focuses on e-core solenoids, DC linear solenoids and holding solenoids. We also offer many types of linear solenoids, holding solenoids and hinged armature solenoids.

As a cost option, permanent magnets enable the movable armature to be held without current, and/or a customer load can also be held without current. Linear solenoids can be designed for pulling or, at an extra charge, for pushing applications.

Solenoids from GrunerTechnical information

Our compendium contains basic information about our solenoids. If you are looking for a suitable solenoid, or for new application options, just pay us a visit.



Technical explanations

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Can you feel the attraction of our solenoids?

Gruner is pleased to support you with the choice and development of appropriate solenoids for your application. Just ask us.


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