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Customer-specific developments and innovative relays for metering, energy management, automotive and e-mobility.

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Made-to-measure developments and innovative solutions: here, we give you an insight into our problem-solving skills.

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Innovative and individual – Gruner solenoids

Gruner develops customer-specific solenoids that deliver innovative solutions and benefits: examples being increased safety, compact dimensions for installation and long service life. Since they have a relatively simple design, solenoids are inexpensive actuators to suit a vast array of applications. Gruner focuses on the development and production of linear and magnetic DC solenoids and has superlative international expertise in this sector.

Gruner linear solenoidsMade-to-measure for haptic applications

Gruner solenoids for touch-based or ’haptic’ feedback are bespoke solutions that are developed right at the concept stage of a project. How does the product function? What task does a linear solenoid have to perform? What should the user do? How can we solve that problem? The solenoid solutions you obtain from us are based on many years of experience and great expertise, combined with innovativeness.

Gruner e-core solenoidsA truly sound choice

A particular highlight in our portfolio: customer-specific applications for the automotive industry. Safety, reliability, size, weight, lifetime quality, time-to-market, flexible volumes, availability: here, everything comes together to ensure that you have a good experience with our solenoids.

Solder-free connectionDurable functionality

The challenge posed by the rising number of consumers and growth in the proportional share occupied by electromechanics: an ever greater number of solenoids in vehicles with a constant stream of new functions are faced by increasing restrictions on space and weight. One particular benefit of our e-core solenoids for haptic applications: the solder-free connection of enamelled copper wire and the strands provided by insulation displacement.

Gruner valve solenoidsOpening and closing safely

Gruner valve solenoids provide reliable functionality for many medical appliances. They are ideal for metering systems, medication pumps, as control valves for blood pressure gauges and for all applications involving the delivery of a medium.

  • Reliable function
  • High precision
  • Long service life

Innovation in high-volume production – Gruner solenoids

Development up to volume production status

The high level of development expertise at Gruner enables new developments and further developments to progress very rapidly. This enables us to meet tight time-to-market schedules reliably.

Quality from design to production

Ultra-modern CAD workstations, our own generously equipped test laboratory with endurance test equipment and 100% inspection facilities for completed solenoids ensure that Gruner achieves its aspirational quality standard.

Excellent expertise, high level of vertical integration

Many years of experience in simultaneous engineering and our own pre-production build facility are as much a part of Gruner as its highly capable production operations. Our wide portfolio of products demonstrates that.

Flexibility with safety

Meticulous quality assurance combined with flexible volumes and sophisticated logistics make our solenoids a system product, one in which customers right around the globe have confidence.

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Linear solenoids and e-core solenoidsSpecifically for haptic displays

Gruner linear solenoids and E-core solenoids deliver the right touch. All Gruner solenoid solutions - from simple plug & play linear solenoids to specially activated e-core solenoids - have long service life and great versatility in common.


November, 30 - December 02, 2021

Visit us at the leading trade fair for battery technology and learn more first-hand about the benefits that you can leverage with our solenoids in the battery, electro and hybrid sectors.

More about solenoids from Gruner

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