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Feels in a class of its ownHaptic actuators for your HMI solutions

Active haptic feedback makes user interfaces and operating elements safer, more intuitive, more convenient and higher quality. Gruner has in-depth expertise in the tactile feedback technology sector and it offers made-to-measure actuators for all kinds of operating systems.


  • Displays
  • Touch pads
  • Central controls
  • Multifunction switches
  • Smart surfaces


The solution for major tasksPulling solenoid

Pulling solenoids can also be used as haptic actuators. These actuators can be integrated oscillating systems These actuators can be integrated into single or coupled damped oscillation systems, which enables them to deal with big masses.

  • Solder-free connection technology: Reliable process contacting of stranded wires and enameled wires using insulation displacement connections (IDC) or directly with the printed circuit board (press-fit).
  • Active damping: With targeted double impulses, it is possible to influence the damping of an entire system.
  • Rapid & high levels of force: Measures involving reduced eddy currents achieve the required rapid build-up of flux and force.
  • Dynamic properties: Here, high forces can be achieved within 1-3 ms for moving masses of > 300 grams.

The solution for big tolerance chainsLinear solenoid actuator

These types of solenoids operate in active haptic systems that are based on the physical principle of an oscillating system with single damping. Due to the linearity across a wide range of linear solenoids, tolerance problems become a relatively minor issue.

  • Plug & Play: Depending on the solution, it is possible to achieve direct mounting and contacting with the PCB.
  • Big tolerances: Tolerances of > 1 mm can be achieved without any problem by influencing the characteristic curve in a targeted manner.
  • Typical service life: Depending on the application and the armature mounting, 1-5 million switching cycles are possible.

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On this page, we focus on things worth knowing about solenoids and the advantages that they may perhaps offer for your application. You obtain an overview of the various types of solenoid as well as as information and interesting links associated with solenoid technology.



From solenoids to mechatronic assemblies: During the development of our customer-specific solutions, we place immense value on the optimum configuration of mechanical and electrical interfaces and we adapt flexibly to suit your requirements.


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