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“Direct contact with developers makes collaboration very enjoyable. It is often possible, on the basis of simulation results, to reach agreement on an almost production-ready sample status at an early stage”.

Development engineer at BHTC

Of increasing importanceNoise-damped solenoids

Noise emission is becoming an increasingly important topic in the interior of vehicles, especially in the wake of electrification of vehicles. Speak to us, and let us find the right solution for your task.

  • Service life: We design the relevant materials and components to achieve a precise fit with your requirements and cost framework.

  • Version forms: Regardless of whether pulling or pushing version, monostable or bistable.

Reliable locking and unlockingLocking solenoids

Ideal for tasks in which mechanical applications need to be released or locked with a direct drive.

  • Noise reduction: As you can see, great emphasis is also placed in these solutions on the noise characteristics of the actuators.
  • Integration: Due to our vertically integrated production operations, it is no problem for us to create complex and inexpensive locking geometries.
  • Types of version: Here too, it is no problem for us to create pulling or pushing versions.

Holding solenoid systems redefinedPermanent solenoids and holding solenoids

We achieve a high level of integration in your application through close and responsive teamwork. With our (permanent) holding solenoid solutions, zero-current holding and releasing achieve the next level.

  • Adjustable holding force: With our solutions, zero-current holding force can be set in the final assembly to respond to any tolerance and to enable us to find the optimum operating point for your application.
  • Minimal retaining force: We not only supply you with the solenoids, but also with the individual neutralisation current for every single solenoid to do justice to the challenging requirement on permitted residual holding force.

More safety and improved usabilityTactile feedback for your HMI solutions

For haptic feedback from user interfaces, we offer you a wide range of technical options and we put our experience at your service at all times. Learn more about Gruner product solutions.


Active haptics

Open for the futureDo you have any other ideas?

Well, we do.

Active reversible headrests ...

Active belt tensioning systems ...

Active accelerator pedal ...

And we are always good for something new! Feel free to get in touch with us!

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Our exceptional vertically integrated manufacturing operations in our own international production network and our high level of technological expertise equip us to match the scope of delivery precisely to your needs, from components to assemblies.



On this page, we focus on things worth knowing about solenoids and the advantages that they may perhaps offer for your application. You obtain an overview of the various types of solenoid as well as as information and interesting links associated with solenoid technology.



From solenoids to mechatronic assemblies: During the development of our customer-specific solutions, we place immense value on the optimum configuration of mechanical and electrical interfaces and we adapt flexibly to suit your requirements.


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Gruner is pleased to support you with the choice and development of appropriate solenoids for your application. Just ask us.


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