Ideal solenoids / actuators for automotive, medical technology and industry

With Gruner you get innovative options and the opportunity to bring customer-specific applications to market rapidly and reliably. Which is why, in many sectors, Gruner solenoids are indispensable and there to stay. In the automotive as well as in the non-automotive sector, for example in medical technology or for industrial applications.

Automotive applicationsSpecific solutions for the automotive world

The automotive industry is undergoing a profound change: Greater efficiency and lower emissions are being called for. With Gruner you get a flexible and innovative partner. We are certified in accordance with IATF 16949 and we focus our attention on maximum system integration, achieved through the careful matching of electrical and mechanical interfaces. This gives rise to customer-specific solutions for the closed-loop and open-loop control or actuation of automotive applications such as HMI for vehicle interiors. Our developments for electric and hybrid vehicles help to reduce emissions, to enhance comfort and safety and to shorten the journey to autonomous driving.

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Non-automotive applicationsIndividual solutions for individual requirements

Gruner develops, designs and manufactures solutions precisely in accordance with customer requirements. Our solenoids are often adapted to suit a specific design and they achieve a high degree of miniaturisation. Gruner solutions are used for access authorisation systems, prepayment applications for gas meters or in water boilers. They serve the machines and equipment used in trade and industry. In the medical technology sector, our solenoids are used in dispensing systems, medication pumps or as control valves for sphygmomanometers.

Non-automotive applications

Just ask usDo you have specific requirements?

Are you looking for an actuator for a specific application? Would you like to learn more about the bespoke options available to you at Gruner? If so, please contact us. At Gruner, an entire team of specialists is there to meet your needs.

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With Gruner, you are with a very flexible, innovative partner and a Tier 1 supplier. We are certified to IATF 16949 and we direct our focus on optimum system integration to provide our customers with the greatest possible added value.



In close collaboration with our customers, we develop and produce made-to-measure solutions that are used in building technology, in industry and trade or in medical technology.



Gruner HMI solutions are an incredibly important interface between man and machine. Whether in the form of haptic actuators, noise-damped interlocking solenoids or permanent solenoids: With Gruner you sense what it means to be in contact with the future.



For a vast range of instruments: Our active haptic solutions are in a class of their own. In displays, touchpads, light outputs, switches on steering wheels or gear selector levers, we provide appropriate solutions that deliver perfect feedback.



Gruner is pleased to support you with the choice and development of appropriate solenoids for your application. Just ask us.


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