Your career grows at the same time

Innovative solutions and reliable quality make Gruner an internationally sought-after partner and employer. Worldwide, we employ at least 1,500 people across our locations in Germany, Serbia, Tunisia and India. They work to ensure that Gruner grows sustainably, which enables it to provide secure jobs and sustainable opportunities for vocational training and advanced training.

A special corporate cultureInnovative, international, family-run

Gruner combines properties that usually can only be found in different companies. We combine the international diversity of a corporation with the organisation of a family business. We are dynamic and pragmatic. This is why we are always on the lookout for new, committed colleagues who are looking to explore new avenues and who value great opportunities.

Dynamism, also in terms of human resources

"Gruner is open to modern concepts of work and develops employees according to their abilities and the required skills. This is why interdisciplinary teamwork is successful both within our projects and between our locations".

Susanne Hugger

That is what a job at Gruner delivers

A family atmosphere with flat hierarchies and exciting products for a vast range of applications – what more could you wish for? The scope for personal development within the job? Work that is enjoyable? Where you bear responsibility? Gruner offers all of that and a great deal more as an employer.

Possibilities for tomorrow

Gruner develops and produces products that are in demand on international markets both now and into the future. To work at Gruner is therefore to have a job with a future.

Great working environment

Collegial, open, founded upon equal rights – that is how things are at Gruner; due not least to the interesting tasks and further training opportunities that match each task profile.

Special levels of service

An in-house canteen, free access to the local fitness studio, a monthly Day of Health, a company pension and a great work-life balance.

Action at Gruner

At Gruner in Wehingen, you will find action-packed vocational training and combined vocational training and degree programs. Are you looking for a technical or a commercial apprenticeship? Are you interested in combining vocational training and academic studies? If so, please head this way ...

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Action at Gruner

Success stories

Good examples of where an apprenticeship at Gruner leads.

Vocational training brings professional success

Yesterday trainee. Today dream job.

Yesterday vocational training and study. Today shaper of the future.

Yesterday Study Plus. Today product developer.

Rebekka SaffrinFrom industrial clerk to Head of the Accounting Department

I did an apprenticeship as industrial clerk/international accountant at Gruner and am now Head of the Accounting Department at the company.

During the training period at Gruner, I gained extensive insights into all departments. Today I am still at Gruner. I like the flat hierarchies, the varied tasks and the cohesion among colleagues. As Head of the Accounting Department, I can work independently, introduce new ideas and develop new concepts in strong teams.

My tip for vocational training: No pain, no gain. Think carefully about what you like and only then decide on a specific training.

Lukas KohlerFrom combined vocational training and degree program to Strategic Purchaser

I did a dual study programme in business administration industry at Gruner and today I work in Strategic Purchasing & Project Purchasing in the electronics division.

I decided to study at Gruner, since I was able to gain experience in every department, because the company's flexibility is very high and the financial support during my study is good. My work at Gruner is versatile & holistic. There are new challenges every day and I have good development opportunities & a lot of creative freedom in what I do.

My tip for vocational training: Just start, try out & keep doing what you enjoy.

Sebastian KosickiFrom toolmaker to Head of Digitalisation Global

I did an apprenticeship as a toolmaker in stamping and forming technology at a different company, then went on to study for a Bachelor of Science in Applied Computer Science and a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering.

Today, I am Head of Digitalisation Global at Gruner and have a high degree of creative freedom in contributing to the strategic direction of the company. Here I like the open culture and the high motivation to break new ground. A major difference to other companies is the strong integration from the management level to the worker level in both operational and strategic decisions.

My tip for vocational training: Apprenticeship years are not easy, but they shape you for life. Sometimes there are hard times or long dry spells, but they pass and you learn a lot for your professional life along the way.

Michael PfaffFrom Master's degree to creative product developer

At Gruner, I did my Study Plus in Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics, Master in Mechatronic Systems. Today, I work in the field of electromagnet predevelopment and am the project organiser of an agile development team.

Particularly helpful for me was the great practical relevance through the combination of work and study in the company. I consciously chose the Study Plus training model and the Gruner company, since the practical relevance of the work here is very high. In addition, there is a wide range of tasks and you are well supervised and supported.

My work today is very varied. I work predominantly in teams and come into contact with many different technologies and manufacturing processes. The working atmosphere is familiar, despite the size of the company, commitment and strengths are recognised and encouraged. At Gruner, I get the chance to assume responsibility and help shape things.

My tip for vocational training: Be clear about your own interests and strengths before the training, inform yourself sufficiently and, if necessary, try it out through internships. Set a focus during training and hold on, the effort will pay off.

ProfessionalsFor Leon and other professionals!

At Gruner there is a great deal to do, also and in particular for specialists. We are therefore always on the lookout for new, committed specialists and aspirational entry-level staff. You will find a diverse range of tasks remunerated with fair, performance-based pay. Take a look at our current list of vacancies.

This is how the application process worksJust a couple of steps to the job

Finding a jobLook for a job that suits you!

Look through our vacancies for an appropriate job for yourself.

Read our requirements profile and your activity profile – is there a good match? Great! Not a perfect match? Never mind, you can still apply.

Nothing suitable for you is being advertised, but you feel that Gruner is still the right place for you? Then send in an application on your own initiative.

ApplyingMake the best of your application!

Send in your complete set of application documents – including curriculum vitae and certificates.

Either by e-mail or post. And in your letter of introduction, please write why Gruner is the right employer for you.

AcknowledgementWe shall always reply to you!

Once we have received your application, we confirm receipt and name a time by which you will hear from us again.

If everything is in place, then you will be invited to attend an interview at Gruner.

InterviewLet’s get to know one another!

When we actually meet face-to-face, we can calmly review your expectations and our own, and find out if the chemistry works.

You may perhaps have specific questions that we can answer in this meeting?

WelcomeThis is a really good start!

You get to know your colleagues and your specific workplace environment.

You will be inducted into your area of activity. Let’s see how that develops!

Current vacancies

You can find all information on training & studies at Gruner on our training page "Action at Gruner".

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