HVAC / actuators for heating, ventilation & air-conditioning with Gruner actuators

Conserve resources through energy efficiency and durability

Consumption and durabilityRobust, energy-saving actuators for incoming and outgoing air flows

When selecting the right actuator systems for HVAC equipment, finding the correct performance rating is not the only factor. Durability and energy efficiency are also key decision-making aspects in the planning of an actuator.

Here at Gruner, we are therefore committed to the best possible scalability of all parameters in our actuator models. Our benchmarks are low energy requirements, ease of installation and set-up as well as great durability extending over many years of problem-free operation. Consult our portfolio or speak to us to learn about how we go about accomplishing these benchmarks!

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Convincing performanceTorques of up to 60 Nm

Moving flap sizes with diameters measuring up to 10 square metres requires vast amounts of power – and Gruner actuators have no problem delivering precisely that. We build performance capability into our actuators up to torque ratings of 60 Nm. This meets all the normal requirements for VAC systems.

EfficiencyLow power needs at rest and in operation

We really abhor the notion of wasting energy. We are therefore always striving to design our actuators to use the absolute minimum of energy while in operation and while at rest. This means you can be sure that our actuators will fit into your energy-efficient concept. To learn more, please consult our product data, or please feel free to get in touch with us.

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ReliabilityDesigned for a long service life

For applications such as ventilation, heating and air-conditioning, our minimum specification for the service lives of our actuators comprises 100,000 full movement cycles or 1.5 million partial cycles - they can even achieve a little more than this, even under arduous conditions. For you, this means that you really can depend upon Gruner actuators in your systems for a very long time indeed.

HandlingSimple installation included

We ensure simple installation with a sensible and easy-to-understand layout of all connections, well thought-out operation for entry into service and also with precautions against incorrect operation. This saves your team time during installation, also saving you money. Learn more from the data relating to your desired product, or in dialogue with ourselves.

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Super-fast running actuatorsSafety and fast protection

Gruner super-fast running actuators deliver operational reliability, even under arduous conditions. They are able quickly and reliably to open and close safety-related components in laboratories, clean rooms, ultra-clean rooms and fume hoods.

Ideal for extractor fansSafety and reliable communication in critical situations

Whenever it gets critical, the actuator needs to respond quickly and safely. For this, short closing times are essential. However, even if the power supply gets interrupted, the system remains able to close and open components reliably.

Faster than fast5 seconds and less

The Gruner family of super-fast running actuators provides you with actuators that can operate for short periods of 5 seconds or even less. With the optional serial interface, very precise positioning is possible.

Also with fail-safeEnergy-efficient super-fast running actuators

The Gruner 328CS or 328QS super-fast running actuators with a safety position adapt instantaneously to changes in conditions. For applications that also involve positioning during interruptions in the power supply, a specialist type 328QS with fail-safe can be supplied.

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We are OEM partnersWe develop appropriate actuators specifically for you

You have your own set of requirements and you are looking for a partner to help you to develop your very own actuator? Your search has brought you to us:

  • Your direct points of contact on the project are there to respond promptly and to come up with a swift solution to any problems.
  • Benefit from professional advice and responsive teams for customer-specific and flexible solutions.
  • We bring a lot of experience to bear and we deliver an optimum Return on Investment by adapting standards to suit your needs.

Do you wish us to develop something entirely new for you? No problem: we provide the scope needed to create new technical solutions.

Regardless of which path you choose as our partner for OEM actuators – we can provide you with the following benefits:

  • Our solutions can also work for your products in other fields of application.
  • You can reduce costs – for your own production operations as well as for your customers.
  • You also boost operational reliability with our robust technology.

Our OEM system solutions

Just ask us!

Are you looking for an actuator that can provide a reliable service life of 100,000 full cycles, and up to 1,500,000 partial cycles? If so, then you are sure to find the right one in our product range. Are you looking for an individual solution?

Then send us an e-mail.


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