VAV – volume flow control with Gruner actuators

Fast, with precision metering for optimum uniformity.


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Simple installation and maintenance

The user-friendly design of the 327 VAV actuators enables you to complete adjustment on the construction site in a very short time, then the actuator is ready for operation. A good VAV actuator also needs to be easy and safe to install. We make sure of this by providing suitable flanges and shaped connector inserts.


Precision control of air flows: VAV solutions from Gruner

Regardless of whether you need accurate metering for the control of airflows in residential properties, for comfort at the workplace or for process air, you are defining challenging requirements for the actuators you need to do the job.

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Precise control

A good VAV actuator enables you to control the volumetric air flow precisely. It should be capable of adapting the air flow precisely and reliably to satisfy the requirements.

Good linearity

The VAV actuator should exhibit good linearity across a broad area of the control range. This means that the volumetric flow rate is proportional to the position of the actuator. Linear control makes it possible to control the airflow precisely and to adapt it to meet requirements.

Great reliability

A good VAV actuator needs to be dependable and durable. It should deliver consistent performance across an extended period and needs to be able to cope with the requirements of the ventilation system.

Integration in control systems

Whether analogue or digital, a VAV actuator must fit in with your technical control concept. This is the only way for it to be sufficiently universal, meaning that it can be used anywhere.

This is what our VAV actuators can do

Linear regulation

No surprises, no irregularities: with Gruner VAV actuators, linear regulation of volumetric flow rates is no problem at all. Thanks to a balanced design of components to match the uniform actuation of air vents, consistent adjustment of volumetric air flow is a highly dependable and reproducible operation.

Excellent service life

Because of their rugged design and their compliance with current standards, our VAV actuators are also ready to satisfy future requirements. Also, their electromechanical design rating, suitable for more than 100,000 movement cycles, makes them reliable components for the future of your HVAC system.

Quick to install, zero maintenance

By virtue of their clear connection elements, their compliance with commonly applied standards for power supply and control as well as their use of all relevant protocols at component control level, our actuators can be integrated very easily into virtually any system.

Learn about it now

Are you not yet familiar with our portfolio of volume flow control products? If that is the case, you really ought to find out about what we are able to provide for your application. The best thing to do is to take a look at our Product Finder and inform yourself about our comprehensive range of products:

Getting to know the product portfolio


The actuators made by Gruner optimise VAV solutions through exceptionally precise metering and rapid response times. This assures uniform distribution of air combined with a constant and high level of cooling power. Intelligent links involving multiple variables such as static and dynamic differential pressure are the key to draught-free cooling through controlled and constant volumetric flow rates.

We are OEM partnersWe develop your VAV actuator

You have your own set of requirements and you are looking for a partner to help you to develop your very own actuator? Your search has brought you to us:

  • Your direct Gruner points of contact on a project are there to respond rapidly and to come up with swift solutions to problems.
  • Benefit from professional advice and responsive teams for customer-specific and flexible solutions.
  • We bring a lot of experience to bear and we deliver an optimum Return on Investment by adapting standards to suit your needs.

Do you wish us to develop something entirely new for you? No problem: we provide the scope needed to create new technical solutions.

As our partner in the OEM actuator sector, regardless of the path you have chosen to follow – we can deliver you the following benefits:

  • Our solutions can extend the range of applications for your products.
  • You can reduce costs, for your own in-house production and for your customers.
  • You also boost operational reliability with our robust technology.

Our OEM system solutions

Just ask us!

Are you looking for an actuator that can provide a reliable service life of 100,000 full cycles, and up to 1,500,000 partial cycles? If so, then you are sure to find the right one in our product range. Are you looking for an individual solution?

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