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An itaMAX-based building control system with Gruner VAV control components saves up to 70% more energy than conventional mechanical ventilation systems – not only in new properties but also in the upgrading and renovation of existing building stock. The itaMAX system can be integrated in existing building management systems using standardised interfaces and protocols. Optionally, fans are activated by an analogue system or via Modbus RTU. When using Modbus RTU, up to 240 supply and exhaust air controllers can be connected up to the same line. All this needs is to set the fan parameters – itaMAX then automatically takes over operation. This dispenses with the time-consuming effort of defining the parameters for individual functions. Network diagnostics enable parameterisation, remote diagnosis and remote maintenance to be performed via a web interface.

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Would you like to know which Gruner products can be integrated in this system? Get to know the entire portfolio of actuators:


Measurement, control and regulation in the smart way

Gruner can provide planners and architects with actuators for building automation and building management that are efficient, that are easy to integrate and that perform their function reliably to state-of-the-art technical standards.

Gruner standard range

Ideal for stairwells

For all requirementsEquipped

The Gruner standard rotary actuators 227 and 363 without spring return as well as 341 and 361 with spring return cover the full range of requirements within a building. These reliable actuators provide the basis for a comprehensive range of field devices. They are used as a standard in classic ventilation construction. In addition, they provide the ideal platform for developing individual variants for specific solutions.

328QS super-fast running actuatorsWith fail-safe

With its automatic return function, the 328QS actuator is predestined for use in laboratories and public-sector buildings that are obliged to comply with current European safety directives.

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Clear benefits for instrumentation & control as well as for building management

Strong OEM development partner

As a successful OEM partner, Gruner has developed and manufactured leading technological solutions for VAV, fire protection and for the control of central and remote ventilation systems. This means that we can provide you with a complete range of field devices for building automation, equipped with itaMAX, the ideal interface for integration in existing building management control systems.

Great expertise, in demand internationally

As a manufacturer, we possess the expertise to adapt our solutions to suit your requirements or to connect them to your systems. Our expertise has been gained in a huge variety of international projects, which is why you will also find Gruner to be a highly competent adviser on all questions about control technology and energy efficiency.

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Are you looking for an actuator that can provide a reliable service life of 100,000 full cycles, and up to 1,500,000 partial cycles? If so, then you are sure to find the right one in our product range. Are you looking for an individual solution?

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