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“For us, Gruner is an exceptionally reliable and highly skilled development partner”.

Project Engineering Manager at Festool GmbH

Consistently customer-specificSolenoids for industrial applications

Are you looking for a genuinely customer-specific solution? Ideally at annual output levels of between 50k and 1.5 million units? If so, you've come to just the right place.

We offer more than “just” solenoid products because our responsive and cross-functional development teams are there alongside you right from the outset. This, combined with the production and assembly skills at all sites operated by Gruner AG ensures that you obtain the best and most precisely fitting system solution for your distinctive application.

To accomplish this, we not only field a portfolio of standard products but can also offer you standard processes and smart process monitoring systems. These are sufficiently scalable to cover a huge range of production volumes.

For a vast range of mediaValve solenoids

To switch different media such as those in gas meters, Gruner fields some compelling customised solenoid solutions. Together with our renowned manufacturing skills, we are able to cover your precise requirements very accurately.

Low energy consumption: The bistable version of actuator enables zero-current holding at limit positions and switching only requires a brief impulse.

With our high level of vertical integration in manufacturing, system solutions of this kind enable us to achieve value-added levels of up to 85%. We retain in-house autonomy over all quality-related stages of the production process.

Speed with safetyTrigger solenoid

If you are looking for a combination of speed and safety, Gruner can help you to tap the full potential of a solenoid manufacturer. We make no distinction between automotive and non-automotive products. Our processes are safe and everything we make is subjected to 100% inspections and all products are 100% traceable!

We can also provide you with great expertise on all aspects of automation. Our solenoids are built and supplied in a form that enables you to process them in your production line in fully automated mode.

We will also place our proven track record and experience at your service in safety-related applications.

As small and reliable as possibleMiniature valve

If there is a need to monitor your blood pressure during out-patient or in-patient visits to a hospital, Gruner solenoids are at work in the background, switching and controlling safely and reliably.

For this, our solenoids are as small as they are precise. With this solution, we combine the very latest of production processes with safe assembly processes at international locations.         

Just ask usDo you have specific requirements?

Are you looking for an actuator for a specific application? Would you like to learn more about the bespoke options available to you at Gruner? If so, please contact us. At Gruner, an entire team of specialists is there to meet your needs.

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Our exceptional vertically integrated manufacturing operations in our own international production network and our high level of technological expertise equip us to match the scope of delivery precisely to your needs, from components to assemblies.



On this page, we focus on things worth knowing about solenoids and the advantages that they may perhaps offer for your application. You obtain an overview of the various types of solenoid as well as as information and interesting links associated with solenoid technology.



From solenoids to mechatronic assemblies: During the development of our customer-specific solutions, we place immense value on the optimum configuration of mechanical and electrical interfaces and we adapt flexibly to suit your requirements.


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