Actuators as an OEM system solution

Actuators quite unlike the others

WE CAN CREATE YOUR PERFECT SOLUTIONDevelopment power meets standard product range

For us, your requirements are the yardstick we apply when developing an actuator specifically for you:

  • Your direct points of contact on the project are there to respond promptly and to come up with a swift solution to any problems.
  • Benefit from professional advice and responsive teams for customer-specific and flexible solutions.
  • We bring a lot of experience to bear and we deliver an optimum Return on Investment by adapting standards to suit your needs.

Do you want to know what we already have to offer as a basis for your bespoke variant? Learn more here:



Do you wish us to develop something entirely new for you?

No problem: we provide the scope needed to create new technical solutions.

Regardless of which path you choose as our partner for OEM actuators – we can provide you with the following benefits:

  • Our solutions can extend the range of applications for your products.
  • You can reduce costs, for your own in-house production and for your customers.
  • You also boost operational reliability with our robust technology.

The ideal OEM system solutionYour actuator parameters are feasible

Standard products are no longer sufficient for doing justice to requirements relating to current planning and practice on construction sites. To save time and cost, components not only need to be tailored precisely to meet specific requirements, they also need to be easy to integrate in installation and connection terms. We implement this Plug & Play concept by integrating your OEM actuator into your system perfectly. With these comprehensive solutions, we can adapt our products perfectly to suit the requirements of your projects:

  • Your individual branding in the desired colour, including logo and other markings
  • Precise design of connectors and made-to-measure cable assembly
  • Prior definition of parameters in accordance with your specifications
  • Pre-assembled connection parts for air vents, valves and sensors

Intelligent production

Benefit from our absolute flexibility in the creation of bespoke solutions: to accomplish this, we use the very latest production technology which meets Industry 4.0 standards. And we remain in control at all times thanks to our unique level of vertical integration.

Watch this film and experience the unique Gruner combination of intelligent organisation, scalable production and flexibility.



Become familiar with our general portfolio of products: experience the incredibly wide range that enables us to create products for you and your specific requirements, developing precisely the right economic and robust solution to meet your challenge.

Getting to know the product portfolio

Your OEM partner for every actuator

Economical and flexible

Gruner solutions are technology leaders and are individually adaptable, to your advantage. Specifically our new HVAC controllers in the 327 range enable OEM partners to achieve reduced inventory with maximum functional diversity. When you integrate Gruner actuator parameters into your production operation, this yields yet more synergies that help to propel you forwards.

Great development expertise

At Gruner, innovative solutions are created in our in-house development department. The full range of mechatronic components – mechanical componentry, switchgear technology, software – for our actuators is created in-house. We harness synergy effects to our design expertise in relation to solenoids and relays. And we are  familiar with the challenging quality and cost requirements of the automotive or medical technology.

High degree of vertical integration

All aspects of the production and assembly of our actuators are handled exclusively by ourselves. This ensures that we understand our products and technologies right down to the last detail. For this, we link many years of experience and innovative powers with stringent quality requirements.

Certified quality solutions

Whether you choose to access our standard range or are seeking a made-to-measure solution for your application – you have come to the right place by turning to Gruner. All Gruner actuators comply with DIN-VDE standards and CE directives. UL-certified types are also available.

Gruner actuators for all fields of application

Whether you need pressure regulators, volume flow or super fast runners, actuators for fire protection and smoke protection dampers or actuators for the control of centralised and decentralised ventilation systems - from Gruner you will always get a solution that meets your needs.

Gruner for fire protection and smoke protection

Super-fast running actuators 328CS and 328QS with fail-safe

Gruner actuators for volume flow control

Actuators for valve control

Gruner actuatorsfor fire protection & smoke protection

Whenever you need actuators that are not only reliable but also durable and robust enough to work perfectly in emergency situations, then our actuators for fire and smoke protection are a very safe bet indeed. Get to know the benefits of our solutions, specifically designed to satisfy the requirements for protecting human life and material assets in a dependable manner.


Actuators for fire protection & smoke protection

GrunerSuper-fast running actuators

Ideal whenever things need to happen fast: in laboratories and clean rooms, super-fast running actuators are an indispensable tool for optimum management of environmental conditions. Gain an overview of our clean air solutions and inform yourselves about what we have to offer for specialist requirements.


Getting to know about our HVAC portfolio

Gruner 328CS and 328QSWith fail-safe

Gruner super-fast running actuators adapt to rapidly changing conditions and can reliably control even high air speeds.

For applications that also involve positioning during interruptions in the power supply, a specialist type 328QS with fail-safe can be supplied.

Product Finder

GrunerHVAC range

Gruner actuators for HVAC solutions assure uniform air distribution and great cooling power. Our most recently developed actuators are able to link multidimensional parameters such as static pressure, dynamic pressure and travel distance, delivering draught-free cooling through a controlled, constant discharge of air. Learn all the benefits of our VAV solutions from this overview.


Overview of VAV actuators


Gruner actuatorsfor the control of valves

We also know all about valves: whether liquid or gaseous – the reliable adjustment and closing of valves by actuator is very much a topic in our portfolio. We not only offer you actuator solutions for pretty much every conceivable variant of ball valve, we can also provide you with the right ball valves for whichever medium or media you need to control.


An overview of valve control

Just ask us!

Are you looking for an actuator that can provide a reliable service life of 100,000 full cycles, and up to 1,500,000 partial cycles? If so, then you are sure to find the right one in our product range. Are you looking for an individual solution?

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