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Reliable with top technology100% German quality

Our premium actuators are designed for extreme conditions and they extend across a wide range of torque ratings. All the main components are made of steel which means that they can withstand temperatures of more than 120 °C over an extended period of time.

Closed in an instant

The unique modular design and the comprehensive range of accessories enable bespoke OEM actuators to be created for each and every requirement. All actuators can be activated using the building management system. The system can be linked up via Modbus RTU or BACnet MS/TP to assure reliable operation of central monitoring and the reporting of legally defined inspection cycles in the event of a fire.

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Always prepared for emergenciesMaximum safety

Our actuators for fire protection systems deliver a wide range of convincing benefits:

  • manual adjustment without a power supply;
  • spring preload for continuous torque right across the entire 95° angle of rotation
  • compliance with CE in accordance with EMC directive 2004/108/EC and low-voltage directive 2006/95/EC;
  • outstanding economy achieved through energy-saving by holding each unit in its limit position.

Additional options: positions reported by potential-free additional switches, temperature fuse protection for mounting in conduits and a great deal more.

Guaranteed functionally viable after 60,000 cycles: long may they live!

As always at Gruner, maximum service life and reliability are key design & build criteria. Whether for 24, 120 or 230 V AC/DC: The design of our actuators guarantees at least 60,000 operating cycles for springs and motors. Integrated BLDC technology assures that.

Now get to know our fire and smoke protection products in detail: Use our product finder and inform yourself about the potential capabilities of Gruner actuators. Especially when things turn serious.

Getting to know the product portfolio

Gruner actuatorsExemplary fire protection: a festival hall for celebrations

The recently constructed festival hall in Wehingen satisfies ultimate fire protection standards, achieved with the help of actuators from Gruner. We demonstrate how these aspirations were satisfied.

Very robust actuatorsAdapted to suit fire protection flaps

These ultimately robust actuators are responsible for the automatic opening and closing of fire protection flaps and are also capable of withstanding extremely high temperatures. It is also significant that the system has a compact footprint, enabling the actuator to be installed on the flap structure. The aim of this approach is to circumvent expensive transmission mechanisms while at the same time assuring efficient functionality.

Steel componentsExtremely robust actuators

To assure reliable operation of actuators in the event of a fire, all essential components were manufactured from steel to make them robust. This ensures that the required torque rating can be maintained, even at temperatures of more than 90 °C. As an aid to monitoring and diagnosis, LED displays and thermocouples are integrated to display the operating status. These features not only make troubleshooting easier but also simplify the annual acceptance test, assuring the operational readiness of the actuators.

Two seriesBroad range of torques

The Gruner actuators in this product range deliver a wide range of torque ratings. This enables us to cover all F&S torque ratings in buildings across Europe. We use specialist actuators with communication capabilities for smoke protection applications. These are connected to the building management system by ModBus RTU or BACnet MSTP.

Reliable functionSystem-compliant connection

Reliable operation in the event of a fire is supplemented by ease of maintenance and testing on this system. Since the fire protection flaps in the new festival hall were equipped with the new Gruner actuators, maintenance checks can be performed conveniently at the press of a button and there is no longer any need, as there was in the past, to be carried out manually in every fire protection compartment.

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Two typesA range for Europe

With smoke protection actuators 342 and 362 as well as spring return actuators 340 and 360, Gruner offers two types of actuators that are able to cover all torque requirements for fire protection and smoke protection in Europe completely.


The benchmark for our development specialistsTechnology that saves lives

With new and further developments of components and systems associated with fire protection, safety is always a dominant issue, to ensure that lives can be saved in the event of a fire breaking out. This challenging aspiration accompanies us all the way from the prototype stage through to cost-effective volume production. Our benchmark is always to create products that are simple, safe and that respond rapidly.

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Are you looking for an actuator that can provide a reliable service life of 100,000 full cycles, and up to 1,500,000 partial cycles? If so, then you are sure to find the right one in our product range. Are you looking for an individual solution?

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Fire protection product brochure

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