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Latching relays from Gruner are individually developed solutions that set global standards and are frequently specified by the industry. Gruner is the pioneer for relays in energy management applications. ’Switch to innovations’ is our motto for delivering relays to the market and applications. Our mission is to push the boundaries of what is possible and provide customized solutions that meet your requirements.

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Innovation and qualityThe pioneer for relays in Energy Management applications

Even smaller and yet just as powerful. The Gruner relay type 726 is the consistent further development in the 700 series. With its outstanding features and modular design principle, the polarized bistable relays cover a variety of energy management functions, such as load control, supply control, prepayment, etc.

  • High switching power with minimal power consumption
  • High switching safety and optimised service life
  • High reliability with a minimum of mechanical components
  • Exceptionally wide range of switching powers
  • Designed to withstand high short-circuit currents

Technical specifications and information on polarized bistable relays:

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Gruner 48 Volt relays48V – achieved economically

The Gruner 850 relay is the first relay for 48V applications in the automotive sector.

With the 852 relay, the 2nd generation of 48V relays is now available. 48V technology is used primarily in mild-hybrid vehicles for the management of lithium ion batteries. Due to their higher voltage, many functions in vehicles can be electrified without the additional weight of an extra battery. This enables the size of the engine to be reduced, which cuts down on CO2emissions.

The 852 relay is characterised by a higher level of power capacity. Here, a small controllable electronic unit is also integrated, together with an option for measuring and reading out the temperature on the contacts. 48V technology (MHEV) offers a cost benefit across the board: compared to plug-in-hybrids (PHEV) or fully electric vehicles (BEV), the system costs are relatively low.

Technical specifications and information about the Gruner 850 and 852 relays:

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Gruner relay 802For EV charging

Plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles frequently get charged at wall charging stations, known as ’wallboxes’. Gruner developed its 4-pin 802 relay specifically for this sector. It serves as an isolating relay in wallboxes up to 22kw, and can withstand overcurrents up to 3,000A.

Technical specifications and information about the Gruner relay 802:

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Gruner relaysFor the dual-voltage vehicle electrical system

Since 2016, cars have had dual-voltage vehicle circuits because the 12V system that was common until then was no longer able to cover the energy requirements of an ever greater number of assistance and safety systems as well as comfort functions. However, this new 48V technology presents challenging requirements to automotive electronics.

The previously used 12V relays are still required to switch the battery power supply, or to switch various areas of the vehicle circuit on and off, because despite the higher voltages now present in a vehicle, there is still a need for a 12V vehicle circuit.

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Without an inert gas fillThree times as economical

The galvanic isolation of power circuit and load circuit is crucially necessary to separate the potential safely in the event of a malfunction or a road traffic accident. For this purpose, the market has so far turned to isolating elements from the high-voltage sector. This is because, on a 48V vehicle circuit, switch arcs constitute a problem. The high electronic potential could prevent a switch arc from being extinguished automatically, which could in turn cause damage to the vehicle or the relay. Relays for the 400 VDC sector have a very costly inert gas fill to suppress the ignition of arcs. Each relay has a permanent magnet inside, which is supposed to expand the arc with its field and to extinguish it. This is why Gruner has developed a relay specifically for the 48V vehicle circuit, allowing this expensive and cumbersome design to be circumvented.

Shock-resistantWith high resistance to short-circuits

The 48V relay functions without a gas fill or magnetic suppression fixtures. Instead of this, defined contact distances and their fast, temperature-dependent opening speed ensures that the arc is extinguished. The contact module is based on a symmetrical design so that the direction of current flow is not an issue. This enables the relay to be used more flexibly than many other high-voltage devices. In addition, the contact position can be sensed. Using a separate sensor request, it is possible to establish if the relay is open or closed. The diagnosis potential can be sensed at several points on the contact assembly. This makes it possible to determine quickly and reliably whether a fault is present.

Compact designEfficient and easy to adapt

The Gruner 48V relay is characterised by a very flexible design. For example, the adjustment of coil adaptation is very simple because the entire relay remains the same, and only the connector adapters are replaced. In addition, the relay only weighs 130 g instead of the 400 g that are common on conventional high-voltage relays. It is characterised by a flat and compact design, and it also saves on space in the battery or in the vehicle. In addition, the compact shape of the 48V relay and its ease of integration make it three times more economical than conventional components from the high-voltage sector.


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Switch to innovations

Develop new, continue developing

Thanks to superlative performance levels and many specially developed features, Gruner relays are suitable for a wide range of applications: ripple control receivers and soft-start motors, load management, prepayment, automotive battery management or in charging pillars for e-vehicles.

High degree of vertical integration, high quality

Our many years of experience, our high level of vertical integration, intelligent test systems to accompany production and our high degree of flexibility have all helped to make us one of the innovation drivers and quality providers in the relay sector.

Reliably flexible

Gruner believes in taking the short route from A to B. This is the only way to adapt designs quickly. 100% quality and the development of genuine innovations are not mutual exclusives. We have proven that by becoming the world market leader for polarised latching relays from 8 to 200 amperes.

Customer orientation – in demand internationally

We convince through performance. And through value for money. We develop solutions for our customers from which they benefit, and that help them to progress. Our relays reduce power consumption, increase safety, save time and costs – and are definitely suitable for your application.

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